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It is practically impossible to provide a quote without doing a thorough examination of your existing system. We can provide you a reliable quotation before we begin work.
Our warranties differ with each equipment manufacturer. We do provide a guarantee on our workmanship which differs dependent upon the type of job entailed.
We can accept cash, pre-approved check and virtually any type of credit card. We also provide discounted interest rates on in-house credit applications.
All of our quotations of service are free and are guaranteed to not change without a pre-approved change order.
We offer one of the best maintenance agreements on the Gulf Coast. We will strive to maintain your equipment keeping it running efficiently and getting the longest life expectancy out of your purchase.
We offer full-service Heating, Air Conditioning, Humidity Control and Ventilation. Sprayed Foam Insulation. Energy Audits.

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Email Us for Questions Involving Payments, Billing, and Membership.
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About Sun Coast Energy

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance and Installation for Baldwin County area homeowners, property managers, and real estate investors. Trusted specialists in residential air conditioner replacement and installation.

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