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Fall is finally coming to an end. On the Gulf Coast that means a transition into chilly temperatures and the wait until spring arrives again.  Luckily, you’ve got plenty of time to get all your ducks in a row with your heating and air condition system.

Late Fall and early Winter here in Baldwin County can be mild and enjoyable, the perfect temperature zone for making those system checks and adjustments before December freezes rolls in. If you’re in need of heater repair or check-up in Central Baldwin or on the Eastern Shore, then be sure you call Sun Coast Energy for help as soon as you can. 

Call us to schedule a Planned Maintenance Appointment (251) 970-0007

  • The Fall and early Winter are the absolute perfect time for heater maintenance. As far as time goes, you’ve got plenty of it to check out the condition of your system and schedule any necessary repairs before its too late. And don’t forget that we’re more available since we’re not inundated with constant calls about failing heaters on a cold day, or failing air conditioners during a heat wave. When both of us have more time, scheduled maintenance saves you money in multiple ways. For the unconvinced, here’s what planned maintenance can do for you:

  • - Head-off repairs before failure
    - Increase HVAC efficiency
    - Make minor adjustments to increase comfort
    - Increased heating system life

The nice part about maintenance is that it’s just one service that completes many goals. Unplanned Repairs have urgency and need to be completed quickly, whereas a technician can take their time with a scheduled maintenance appointment and start a conversation with you about necessary repair needs or the condition of your system. Seriously, invest in this service if you want to make the most of your heating and air system.