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Winterizing your HVAC unit

HVAC Winter
Winterize your HVAC unit

The following tips are provided to allow you to prepare your heating and cooling system for a winter on the Gulf Coast.

Get Any AC Repairs You Need Now

Don’t shut down your system if it’s not working properly. Putting off HVAC repairs until next spring or summer can mean you won’t be able to rely on your cooling system when you need it again. And if you have a Heat Pump when you need heat it may not be there! Procrastinating with AC repairs may also mean you’ll end up needing more costly repairs when you finally do call for service.

Shut Off Your Air Conditioner

Find the shut-off circuit and power down your system once you’re sure you’re done using it for the season. This circuit is usually by the outdoor unit (the condenser), and it has a simple on-off switch you can flip to shut the system down.

Clean the Condenser

Once you’ve shut your AC off, remove any debris that’s on the outdoor unit or within 3 feet of it. This includes twigs, leaves, and other debris. Next, use a hose to spray off the unit. This will remove bugs, dust, and finer debris that you may have overlooked or that you can’t get to because it’s inside the condenser. After spraying off the unit, let it completely dry before taking the next steps. Better yet, sign up for a Sun Coast Energy maintenance agreement and we will take care of all the seasonal maintenance your unit requires.