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Magnolia Springs HVAC Services

Magnolia Springs Alabama
Magnolia Springs HVAC


Nestled within the undulating curves of the Magnolia River, the beautiful town of Magnolia Springs developed from a Spanish land grant in the year 1800 and, by the end of the War Between the States, rapidly became a primary destination for the families and descendants of many of the soldiers who had fought on both sides. Families from Vermont, Chicago, St. Louis and other points north built homes, inns, and businesses along the river’s edge and were joined by native Alabamians and transplants from other Southern locations.

At the turn of the century, the water from the many natural springs along both sides of the river was declared “the purest in the world” by several chemical companies in Chicago. The community’s name comes from the ever-flowing springs and the abundance of aged magnolia trees that grace every residential garden. A majestic canopy of giant oak trees lines the hamlet’s streets as well as a variety of exquisite camellias, and, in spring, the highways and byways of Magnolia Springs become a bower of azalea, wisteria, dogwood, and magnolia blossoms.


Sun Coast Energy is Magnolia Springs's #1 provider of heat and air services. James Linton, Owner, has been a part of the central Baldwin community for over 30 years! Whether you need a new system, have a broken air conditioner, or want regular service from the best AC contractor in the business, Sun Coast Energy can meet your needs.