Robertsdale is one of the most popular cities in Alabama. Nestled in the heart of central Baldwin County, Alabama. Robertsdale is a part of the Baldwin County Public Schools system. Three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school serve Robertsdale. A vocational school is also located in Robertsdale.

After a long day in the Gulf Coast sun, Robertsdale residents deserve to return to a comfortable home to relax. Sun Coast Energy is proud to serve central Badwin families with premium HVAC services that are reliable, affordable, and convenient. 


Sun Coast Energy is Robertsdale’s #1 provider of heat and air services. James Linton, Owner, has been a part of the Robertsdale contractor community for over 30 years! Whether you need a new system, have a broken air conditioner, or want regular service from the best AC contractor in the business, Sun Coast Energy can meet your needs. 


Although AC repairs and replacements will be needed eventually, you want to avoid them whenever possible. Our humid southern climate can put a strain on any system, making regular maintenance and upkeep especially important in Robertsdale. Proper care will keep your system running in optimal condition for a longer period of time and save you money on costly repairs.

There are some things you can do between maintenance visits to extend the life of your HVAC system! They include:

Close windows and doors. Think twice before you open those windows or exterior doors. You may way to enjoy the summer warmth, but opening your home causes your A/C to run overtime and puts a serious strain on your system. 

Plug leaks in your attic, doors, and windows. Gaps under windows and in the attic cause your home to lose a lot of climate-controlled air. Be sure that doors and windows are air-tight, and use our professional spray foam insulation in your attic to conserve and purify your air. 

Don’t fluctuate the temperature. When setting your thermostat, find a comfortable temperature and keep it there. Frequent changes in temperature will wear out your unit and lead to costly repairs and sooner replacement. If you need changing temperatures, such as wanting it extra cool when you sleep, consider an HVAC system with a timer setting. 

Don’t crowd the condenser. Keep plants, tree limbs, and other landscape items at least 2 feet away from your outdoor condenser. This will allow easier air movement and keep your unit from overworking. 

Don’t Skip Preventative Maintenance. While there are things you can check yourself, professional maintenance is a key part of keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. A professional ac contractor can clean the system, catch potential problems before they break your wallet, and extend the life of your air conditioner. 

Sun Coast Energy’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes 2 yearly maintenance visits from our certified a/c technicians. No matter the make or model of your system, our experts have the skill and knowledge to perform a full maintenance check in the comfort of your home.

Upgrade Your System. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your system. If your unit is over 10 years old, is having frequent problems or breakdowns, or isn’t cooling properly, it may be time for an upgrade. Sun Coast Energy specializes in installing high-quality HVAC systems for clients across Baldwin County.

We offer a wide range of the industry’s best Bryant brand equipment to guarantee you a system that will keep you in comfort for years to come. Our factory-trained and authorized technicians will guide you in making the right choice for your home or business. We offer free estimates for installation and all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


If your AC stops working on a hot summer day, you’ll learn quickly that an efficient HVAC system is a necessity, not a luxury. Luckily, we offer fast and affordable heat and air repairs to Robertsdale clients! Our expert repair technicians have the experience and products to fix your system quickly and affordably. We pride ourselves on embodying the spirit of Robertsdale by working with integrity, treating our clients with respect, and getting the job done right the first time. 


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